Monday, 12 August 2013

Ode to 'Neighbours'

Many many TV programmes have passed before my eyes, some eagerly anticipated, commented upon and analysed to death, some passively endured, others scorned, but whilst so many have come and gone, resigned to memory or DVD box sets,  one has always been there for me. And everybody needs it, or them... or something. Anyway, I'm talking about Neighbours!

Happy days. Although I'm not even sure who the girl is to be honest.
It's been an a bit of an on/off relationship I guess you could say- but ultimately I've always returned to Neighbours, and one of its greatest charms is that even after 2 years away from it, give me about 10 minutes with it and I completely understand what's going on/who everyone is. It's almost instinctive. The characters have had some tough times- god knows if I'd had amnesia, MS, being cheated on by my husband muliple times, fostered countless children and had about 6 high-flying careers, I'd be exhausted... but nope, not these guys. They battle on through, continuing to provide the stories I so crave, whilst interfering in everyone else's business along the way. Brilliant.

Neighbours is completely daft. I find myself laughing at the incredulity of it at least 10 times an episode. Even better is if I watch it alongside someone else who also enjoys its complete absurdity. How can one teacher seemingly teach an entire school (note: always in the same classroom, and the same lessson) and does everyone really have to end up marrying some one on the same cul-de-sac as them? Answer: yes. I do worry about their gene pool sometimes.

But this is all very charming in a silly sort of way. Like the sop that I am, I can't help but feel a slight tinge of sadness that in our non- Neighbours reality, we live such nuclear existences where many of us know very little of our neighbours. This is not to say I would like such closeness. (If I ever move to Ramsay Street, remind me to LOCK MY DOOR because the people next door will just walk in at any time, usually the most inappropriate) but there are moments when you know what? I really wouldn't mind being adopted by Harold Bishop.

Neighbours, you are ridiculous and fun, absurdly dramatic and take up too much time in my life, but you've taught me how to attempt a terrible Australian accent, and for that, I love you.


  1. I'm the same with Neighbours, though the last time I truly watched it was when Sky Mangel left. I caught an episode, it was the solar eclipse episode where someone got blinded (I'm sure Karl fixed him up). But I knew who everyone was and their relationships. What got me was Brad returned and everyone was saying "he looks familiar" but he's played by a completely different actor!

    1. I remember when Sky left... along with Boyd AND Dylan in tow... very awkward! And that eclipse was ridiculous! You'll be glad to know Kyle(the bloke temporarily blinded) is back to normal now... thanks to Karl's healing hands, naturally. Hah, that is typical Neighbours. I don't remember the old Brad, but I do like this new one I must say. Cue various romances, I have no doubt!